Mobile Cleaning Station

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The Mobile Cleaning Station incorporates the functions of a Main Station and a Satellite Station. Due to the compact design it can be used easily and in different locations. This range is recommended for places where it is not profitable or impossible to install a complete central cleaning system, like in fresh food department in hypermarkets, catering companies etc. 

Using the same high-quality materials, as for the Main Station and the Satellite, this Mobile Cleaning Station is very easy to use and guarantee a long-lasting, trouble-free operation. 

This system comes in tow different options SM 2KU and SM1 to satisfy different needs.  

Properties and advantages: 

  • Compact and mobile design: incorporates pump, washing station and compressor 
  • No installation requirement: built-in compressor making the user independent from a compressed air system in the plant 
  • A safe place for necessary chemical preparations  
  • Top quality materials and components 
  • Convenient handling 
  • Long-lasting, trouble-free operation