Complete Satellite

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The Complete Satellite combined with a Complete Cleaning Station provides water and ensures all sanitary actions needed 

  • Rinsing 
  • Foaming 
  • Disinfecting 

The Complete Satellites in our range came in two options: one and two ejectors (without the need to change the suction pipe). This represents a reliable dosing system to ensure constant and optimal parameters. With a modern and functional design, using top quality materials and components, our complete washing satellites ensure a long-lasting, trouble-free operation 


The container for chemical agents is placed under the station in a stream of flowing water with a precise system of dosing. Using stainless steel (AISI 304) for casing construction and for all elements that are directly in contact with aggressive chemicals ensure the integrity and longevity of the installation 

The main components of a satellite: 

  • Satellite station  
  • Compressed air main 
  • Water main  
  • Supply pipe for the washing station  
  • Water supply pipe for the washing station  
  • Retractable roll hose / Hose hanger 
  • Water hose 
  • Ball valve with quick coupling for coupling the lances 
  • Lance holder 
  • Lance set (for foam application, rinsing and disinfection) 
  • Basket for containers with washing agents of disinfectants